On-site Crematory

McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory  is the only on-site crematory in Columbus, Georgia. Our state-of-the-art equipment is immaculately maintained and is operated by our knowledgeable and licensed professionals. We strictly adhere to the Cremation Code of Ethics and are members of the Cremation Association of America.

Why is having an On-Site Crematory Important?

Why is having an On-Site Crematory Important?

It means our families who choose cremation can expect thorough privacy, convenience and respect since we have complete control in the handling of the entire cremation process. We are the only funeral home in Columbus, Ga. with an operating on-site crematory inside our new, clean, state-of-the-art and secure facility. Many area funeral homes and store front buildings advertise that they offer "cremation services", however, they subcontract this sensitive process to off-site and/or distant crematories.

Your Loved one never leaves our care

From the moment your loved one comes into our care, they will be tended by us and only us. This gives us the ability to control and oversee every aspect of the cremation process. As a result, we can ensure families ultimate security and the most gracious handling of every cremation.

The Religious Aspects of a Cremation Decision

We embrace and respect cultural and religious diversity. Working with a family's clergy or cultural leader, we make sure that religious guidelines are strictly followed.

Your Personal Inspection is Encouraged

Cremation with McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory assures families the highest level of accountability, and one way we document that assurance is in our open invitation to inspect our facilities. In fact, we encourage your personal inspection. You can be assured that when you choose us, you've made the best possible cremation arrangements for your loved one.

Call us today at (706) 569-8015 to arrange for a tour of our cremation facilities, or to speak with us about our policies, procedures and pricing.